Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Debunking Popular Myths about PC/OpenSystems LLC and Linspire

Today we are going to debunk some common myths about PC/OpenSystems LLC and Linspire that some people have.

Myth:  Linspire is a cash grab 
Reality:  We acquired what was left of Bridgeways Xandros offerings specifically for the technology that they had.. Upon examination, we found that many of their offerings had been superseded by technology that had developed after they left the business and instead of working with that we decided to start over and release Linspire. We could have called it Xandros Desktop and been done with it but we liked the clear distinction between the commercial offerings and the community-driven offering.

Myth: you just usurped the Linspire name 
Reality: No, we acquired full rights to the names, Linspire, Freespire and Xandros. We acquired the source and binary code of all the past releases, customer lists and a very incomplete copy of sales records and other important court filings. To answer the next question, no we will not release any information on Microsoft's settlement with Linspire Inc. We decided, under the advice of legal counsel, to honor the confidentiality of that agreement. We did honor ALL legacy sales that were made in anticipation of what would have been Linspire 7 under the umbrella of Xandros and Linspire Inc.

Myth: No one uses Linspire 
Reality: We already had a customer base and we migrated all of our customers over to the Linspire Enterprise. As with all other enterprise offerings we do have users who continue to use Black Lab Linux and we do make security updates available to those users honoring our commitment to Black Lab until 2026. But Linspire is used by all of our legacy and newer customers and continues to thrive in the home user and commercial space.

Myth:  Linspire continues to broadcast information to Microsoft Servers 
Reality: Microsoft collects NO customer information, system information or data from PC/OpenSystems LLC and Linspire. Linspire CE Office 365 does use Microsoft Office Online, Outlook, and OneDrive but users have to make applicable agreements to Microsoft themselves when they decide to use that release. Linspire itself comes preinstalled with the Microsoft repositories for Powershell, Skype, .NET Core and VS Code to make it easier for users who wish to use those offerings although Skype and Powershell are the ONLY Microsoft applications preinstalled. The ONLY communication Linspire as an OS product has with Microsoft servers is when it looks for updates to those applications. Any claims to the contrary are false and continues to demonstrate the incompetence and petty slander from anyone making them. Despite whether they call themselves “Dr.” or otherwise.

Myth: Linspire is an overpriced release of Ubuntu 
Reality: A lot of work goes into creating Linspire and making Linspire commercial ready. We offer service and support, preinstalled systems, preinstalled drives and install media. We charge according to the services customers require. The self-support release of Linspire is cheaper by far and we do not charge customers for services that they don't require or want. Our track record speaks for itself. We have operated as a business since 2008 and we have a customer retention rate of 98% which is a good record for any commercial software entity. In other words, a majority of our customers have been with us since 2008 approximately 11 years and they don't feel ripped off.

Myth:  Freespire has spyware and uses a survey to make money
Reality:  That is completely FALSE.  Freespire has no adware or any survey attached to it.  That incident came from a "reviewer" whom recompiled the release ISO for his "review" simply for the purpose of trying to paint Freespire and Linspire in a bad light.  That situation was discredited as a situation where that individual felt that we were making false claims regarding his favorite Linux distribution and the "news" site that carried that review continues to show their bias against commercial Linux distributions and guilt by not publishing any of our updates and releases.  We do encourage our users to download Freespire from our legitimate OFFICIAL servers as we do check the integrity of those available ISO's at least twice a week.

Myth:  PC/OpenSystems LLC doesn't care about the open-source community 
Reality: We do very much care about open source and sharing our technology and individuals working in it. We do develop a free and open release called Freespire and our core developers and contributors are encouraged to work on other open-source projects when/if they wish. Participation is not required but encouraged.

That covers most of the common myths and realities of Linspire. You can visit https://www.linspirelinux.com or https://www.pc-opensystems.com for more information.

Thank you.

Powershell in Linspire

Many people have asked me, Why include Powershell in Linspire?  The answer expands more than just "because it's there."  PC/OpenSystems LLC realizes we live in a world where organizations use a variety of operating systems.  Whether it is Android, iOS, ChromeOS, other Linux distros, Windows or Mac we strive to be a good citizen.  Whether it's working with other companies or including technologies that allow us to interoperate with other systems.  Powershell fits that criteria.  Not only is it open-source, so the source code can be downloaded and improved upon, but it is the primary command-line interpreter for Windows 8.x/10.x .  Our job is to make our user's lives easier and one of the ways we feel that is accomplished is by limiting the learning curb.  Users can switch between platforms and work between them easily and effectively.  That is why we include Powershell in Linspire, Linspire CE and Linspire Enterprise.  Not because of some shadow agreement with Microsoft as some have suggested.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Linspire CE 8.5.1 ESR (Education Special Release) Released

Today the PC/OpenSystems development team is pleased to announce the release of Linspire CE 8.5.1 ESR (Education Special Release) to our educational customers. This release contains many bug fixes and feature enhancements from our previous ESR.

Linspire CE educational Release is currently used by over 200 school systems around the United States and internationally.  Linspire CE ESR is a strong commitment to educational computing and is the number 2 Linux distribution used by schools and academic facilities.

One of our main goals with the distribution was security. One of the things that we have heard from customers in this arena were several security concerns. An example of this was being able to go into the Synaptic Package Manager and uninstall or cripple core OS functions. So Synaptic has been removed and we gave control of application installation to the Software Center. We also updated Time Keeper so any systems left on premises you can set usage times so students and faculty can only use the system during scheduled times. We also have heard from users that the Thunderbird e-mail app was no longer necessary since most e-mail work is executed using Gmail or Outlook Web interfaces so we did include the Gmail web app for users (Linspire CE Office 365 customers will receive their update later this week) We have now included the latest release of WebMin for remote access and system maintenance in the core OS.

 Some of the features we have included specific to this release are:

 Better XBox One controller support
Preliminary Nintendo Switch support for use with Presentations
Google Classroom web app now installed by default
Google Docs and Google Keep web apps installed by default
Improved Google Admin support
Improved Chromebook support for installation on EOL (End of Life) EOS (End Of Service) Chromebook models so that you can maximize your hardware investment

Core OS  Features that we have updated are:

Kernel 5.0.0-31 KDE 5.12.9
Ice 6.0.4
Google Chrome 77
VLC media player
Boot Repair
Firewall configuration
Discover Software Center

 Current customers will have this release delivered to them.  New customers can purchase a facility license or individual licenses here

Linspire CE ESR (Education Special Release)
Install Media
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Friday, August 9, 2019

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Linspire 8.0 Maintenance Release 1 RELEASED

Today our development team is pleased to announce the release of Linspire 8.0 Maintenance Release 1. MR1 is part of our bi-annual strategy to make sure Linspire is kept as secure as possible for our customers and users. Proving once again, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Linspire is the best commercially supported Linux-based operating system on the market today. With all of the features modern PC users expect from their computing experience, Linspire continues to rise above and shine over all other commercial Linux desktop solutions.

This release also features improvements to Linspire CE and Linspire CE Office 365. Linspire 8.0 MR1 integrates the following upgrades / improvements :

Linux Kernel 4.18.0-18
KDE Plasma 5.12.7
Plays On Linux 4.3.4
Wine 4.0 Stable
LibreOffice 6.4.2
Google Chrome 75
Thunderbird 60.7
VLC Media Player
Amarok Full multimedia codecs

Many more performance and security enhancements under-the-hood will improve your experience, making it smoother and typically hassle-free. You can purchase Linspire 8.0 MR1 below; purchasing Linspire 8.0 MR1 entitles you to free upgrades for the lifetime of the release and 12 months of e-mail support / 6 months of phone support or you can purchase the self-support release and download it from the digital locker today.

Linspire Support License
Install Media
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Linspire Download Edition

Wednesday, June 5, 2019