Monday, March 4, 2019

Is Linspire CE Office 365 spyware for Microsoft

Techrights facilitated a piece that they claim that we are pushing Microsoft's agenda to be able to spy on and exploit Linux users.

Here is a link to the article in question:

So why did we create Linspire CE Office 365?  Customer demand.  Some of the school systems we service and others asked for it because some states REQUIRE the use of Microsoft software and services.  We do have communications with Microsoft but mostly to tell them that somethings not working correctly and of course permission to use some of their copyrighted material.  Microsoft Corp. has no hand in the development, deployment or sale of Linspire CE Office 365 they get no "cut" off the sales of Linspire CE Office 365.  Using Linspire CE Office 365 is no different, data transmission wise, as you using Fedora and using Office Online or Bing yourselves.   If you don't want to use Microsofts services DONT USE THEM.

Linspire Desktop which is our primary product retains Google Search and the Chrome browser infrastructure.  It only contains one Microsoft application and that application is Skype.

People who purchase Linspire CE Office 365 know what they are getting, they know what's included and its what they want.

Please do your research before you write fictional hit pieces or as Donald Trump would say Fake News.